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Danger VS Destiny 2022 - SHOW REVIEW

Massacre vs Danny DeBoer - Traditional 1v1 match

Back and fourth, non-stop action by these two. It was incredible, a high intensity match that kicked off Danger vs Destiny to a good start. Dragon made an appearance at the end to help DeBoer win it for their respective brand, Destiny. It still showed Massacre as a top-tier wrestler even though he lost. Overall, an amazing start to start off the show.


Nightmare vs Killer Kong - Treasure map holder VS Golden medalist

This ended in a no-contest, because Nightmare attacked Killer Kong from behind before the match can even start. Therefore, this match cannot be rated due to it not happening.


Asolis vs Skeletor - CHAMPION VS CHAMPION

As expected, this match delivered. Last time they met, it was a banger of match at WinterSlam so that is why we can expect a great match between these two. Match started with a face-off, showing that this is a dream match and one of the most anticipated matches in history of KEW. Then, the action started kicking in, with Asolis connecting with a surprising Dark-DT. Match ended with Skeletor delivering multiple stunners and locking in the cross face. This could potentially lead up to a rivalry due to Asolis not really taping at the end. It might have been a botch but who knows. Overall, this match was great, like expected.



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