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MEW Night Of Fatality - S1EP11 (SHOW REVIEW)

Skeletor PROMO

Skeletor delivered a solid heelish promo, stating that he does not wanna hear all those excuses of why Soul retained the title on Episode 10. He also revealed himself as the eccentric one and not the final boss. He then announced that Soul was not present tonight, cancelling the title rematch that was scheduled to take place. Sinister was called out and he was KICKED OUT of Hack Supremacy (Skeletor identified him as the weakness). This led to their un-scheduled match.

Skeletor vs Sinister

This match was not bad, having couple good spots. We've seen this match couple times and we will see it again next week, this time, LOSER LEAVES MEW! Overall, match was good but nothing special.


Gladiator vs The Slasher

A first-time ever matchup between the rookie Gladiator & the veteran Slasher! Gladiator showed throughout the match that he can compete with anyone. He performed very well, same thing with The Slasher. Overall, entertaining but short.



+.5 because of Skeletor delivering awesome promo & variety of show

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