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MEW Night Of Fatality - S1EP12 (SHOW REVIEW)

Damien Skull PROMO

Damien Skull let us know that Skeletor kicking out Sinister from Hack Supremacy was not his decision neither Soul's; however, he thinks it was a great decision. Skull also told us that HACK SUPREMACY is getting much more dominant. Overall, great short promo.

Skeletor vs Sinister - LOSER LEAVES MEW

This was by far their best match together. The match was long, entertaining and it kept us on our feet. From Soul finally showing up to Haunted Jacob coming to the aid of Sinister, this match was banging! The match finish was even better than the match itself. Both men hit a low blow, but Skeletor had the last laugh, hitting a stunner to seal the deal. Sinister now has to leave MEW for good. Overall, phenomenal match to end their rivalry.


Gladiator announcement

Gladiator announced an open challenge for next week.


+.25 because of Skull's great promo & suspense of the show

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