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MEW Night Of Fatality S1EP3 - SHOW REVIEW

Gladiator interferes programming and sets his mark

Gladiator made a statement last night by invading MEW during the intro, showing everyone that he is here, on the greatest show in kids wrestling entertainment.

Skeletor & Soul vs The Slasher & Haunted Jacob

This was a very quick paced match, a fun one. Heel tactics from Skeletor & Soul commencing right away and the fallout coming right after. Slasher & Jacob were speedy enough to take advantage quickly, as they saw the team of the "Final Boss" and the "Hacker Of MEW" falling apart. The match ended with a double finisher by the Slasher & Haunted Jacob and then pinning the MEW Champion. Overall, quick but fun match.


Show Rating: 7/10

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