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MEW Ultimate Night Of Fatality S1EP5 - SHOW REVIEW

Skeletor vs Soul vs Haunted Jacob vs The Slasher - FATAL 4-WAY ELIMINATION - MEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

This was definitely the best match in MEW so far. A lot of action and a lot and I mean a ton of great and big spots, including Haunted Jacob's super splashes, belly to belly suplex through the table & Skeletor going through a mega table at the end of the match. The Slasher was the first one to get eliminated, as he got hit with the MEW title by Skeletor. He still looked very strong though. After, it was Haunted Jacob's time to go as Skeletor & Soul teamed up to take one of the bigger threats in the match. And then, it was down to the "Final Boss" & the "Hacker Of MEW". Skeletor was about to get the win but guess who showed up, Sinister. Sinister was one of the bigger stars in KEW and him showing up and helping Soul to win the championship will really help him get to the top of the mountain in MEW. Reportedly, Sinister & Soul are starting their faction and it will be called HACK SUPREMACY. Expect King Irvin to join as well. Overall, phenomenal match.


SHOW RATING: 9.25/10

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