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Haunted Jacob turns Heel

With Jacob not winning anything as a face, maybe turning heel could change his career. Haunted Jacob has never been a heel in his life therefore, it would be cool to see him change this Sunday.

Gladiator defeats The Slasher in first-ever RESIDENCE OF FIRE match

Gladiator is a rookie and The Slasher is a veteran. Gladiator winning vs. The Slasher at a big event would definitely increase his popularity.

New Hack Supremacy member

Can Haunted Jacob join HS? Can Gladiator join HS? Who knows, it will depend on who wants to become a bigger star.

Soul turns on Skeletor

Soul & Skeletor were past rivals and I do not actually think they get along together. We can maybe see Soul kicking Skeletor out from HS.

Master French debut

After a teaser video saying "COMING SOON", can Master French make his big debut on the big stage?

What are your thoughts?

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