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Predictions for Waves of Evil 2023

A big night tonight, as Haunted Jacob battles Damien Skull in a DREAM MATCH, Gladiator faces former rival Asolis in a title match & huge main event between Soul & Sinister. What can we expect and what can all the surprises be if there is for tonight?

Skeletor returns to attack Haunted Jacob

The one that makes the most sense. Skeletor has some big anger remaining inside of him and he needs to unleash it on the one who cost his career, Haunted Jacob.

Gladiator and/or Sinister shocks the world

Two challengers for a world championship have a chance to defy the odds tonight.

Damien Skull leaves MEW This is the only chance Skull has to prove us that he belongs in the big leagues. If he loses, then, what is next?

EJW invades MEW


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