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Soul suspended after violating company

Here is the official statement from MEW:

January 12th, we announce the suspension of the "Hacker of MEW" Soul. We reviewed Soul & Hack Supremacy's actions that were done since Episode 1 & we concluded that there was a punishment needed. This suspension was made after multiple complaints by fellow MEW superstars including one complaint from "Howdy" Skeletor. He was called out in a promo by Soul last episode & during that promo exchange, Skeletor stated that we, MEW officials, were not doing our job. As we said, we reviewed Soul's actions & here are a few examples of Soul's misbehavior: Soul constantly interrupting matches, disrupting planned fights, sometimes ruining it. Soul not showing up at planned MEW events, etc. Soul will also need to relinquish his MEW World Championship. A new match card will be announced very soon for Episode 17.

What are your thoughts?

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